As a camera-director or DP-Director in one person I develop, shoot and post-produce commercials, product films and image films. I have over 10 years of experience working with models and actors, as well as amateur talents in front of the camera, as co-director and DP-director. As a camera-director, I always have a well-prepared, clear vision for the film, which I know how realize very effectively and on budget. With my experienced team and many years of camera experience, I bring the necessary confidence to turn the double challenge into a win for certain projects in terms of speed and budget.
I also know how to lead a team in post production and have 20 years of editing experience myself and good DaVinci Resolve skills.
I even realize some projects as a producer for production companies who know me well and appreciate my abilities. Of course, this know-how also benefits clients who book me “only” as a cameraman. I always have the necessary vision for the whole production.